Museum Voorlinden

Project facts

Caldic Collectie
Architectenbureau Kraaijvanger

Designed by Dirk Jan Postel of Bureau Kraaijvanger, the Caldic Collection is building a museum of modern and contemporary art on the Voorlinden estate in Wassenaar. Through the use of much glass, steel and natural stone in the color of dune sand, the museum blends seamlessly into its beautiful surroundings.  Due to the high degree of transparency, the museum visitor will continue to experience the relationship with the surrounding nature.

TGM, as an ancillary contractor, takes final responsibility for the engineering and realization of the steel laser-welded curtain walls with entrance and escape doors and the glass roofs, with great attention to safety. TGM’s scope of supply is: 1,050 m2 of curtain walls and 2,500 m2 of glass roof construction.

The project has now started and the entire delivery will take place in October 2015.