Orbis Medical Parc Sittard

Project facts

Orbis Medisch en Zorgconcern
Bonnema, Hardegaryp
The care of the 21st century

TGM was consulted as early as the VO phase to assist in the design phase of the Maasland Hospital. Because of the very specific facade image, this eventually led to 23 different facade types. The most important of these are:

  • 3,534 m2 of HV60 wooden curtain walls
  • 2,850 m2 aluminum window frames in various designs
  • 5,180 m2 aluminum curtain walls in various designs
  • 2,708 m2 HV60 automatic sliding doors (308 pieces) for nursing rooms
  • 265 m2 fire-resistant steel facades and curtain walls
  • 363 m2 aluminum canopy construction
  • 3 automatic turnstiles