Broadway Chambers Stratosphere

Project facts

Telford Homes Plc.

The project consists of two buildings, of which the high-rise is realized by TGM, commisioned by Telford Homes Plc., to the design of Stockwool Architects. This 36-storey high residential tower, located in the district of Stratford in London, is with a total height of 12o meter one of the highest buildings in the area.

As subcontractor, TGM is ulitmately responsible for the engineering and realization of the aluminium facades, from the 2nd to the 36th floor. TGM also builds the aluminium curtain wall on the ground floor and on the 36th floor with a double-height steel structure.

The element façade consists of various types, these can be distinguished in elements with sliding doors and internal glass balconies, elements with doors or only fixed glazing. On the outside the elements are provided with aesthetic shape parts also called “add-ons”. These consists of aluminium tubes with a special coating to create a ceramic look and a horizontal fixed sun protection with louvres in different places.

The scope of delivery consists of 1100 m2 curtain walls, 11.000 m2 elemental façade and 30.000 kg of steel construction. The project started in mid-2015, end of 2017 all parts have been completed satisfactorily!