Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Project facts

In Holland, Den Haag
EEA Architects, Rotterdam

The façade design turned out to be too complex for the European public procurement process. Inholland University of Applied Sciences therefore turned to TGM to produce detailed designs and sit in on the construction team. One of the distinctive features of this project is silk-screen printing on the glasswork, which makes virtually every pane unique. All of the silk-screen prints are on the outside of the exterior pane (‘position 1’), giving the façade a somewhat rough texture.

  • 1300 m2 of structural curtain wall for the low section of the building, with two-colour silk-screen leaf pattern
  • 4500 m2 semi-structural curtain wall in two varieties for the connecting building, with two-colour silk-screen geometric pattern
  • 1700 m2 semi-structural curtain wall for the side wall, with two-colour silk-screen hook pattern