Project facts

Den Haag
Architectenbureau Mecanoo

We began developing the technical façade design in June 2014 and started construction in December 2015. TGM was responsible for the entire thermal shell, from design to production and assembly, and for 15 years of maintenance. We created a new, compound façade system requiring more than 7000 square metres of large façade panels varying in type and size.

In terms of materials, we opted for steel curtain walls and prefab elements consisting of SIPs, aluminium window frames and composite materials, resulting in a unique, exclusive product. Aesthetically pure and commercially unique! Composite materials have extremely robust properties and sound technical specifications. Both the high-rise and the low-rise sections of the building have light façades of alternating open and closed composite elements, creating a playful, variegated surface. The façade reflects the sky and surrounding dune landscape in unexpected ways.

The official completion date was Friday 24 March 2017.