Alsberghe en van Oost

Project facts

Gent België
Besix Gent België
Arch & Teco Architecture

TGM joined other partners in building five housing blocks on the site of the old Alsberghe & Van Oost bleaching factory in Ghent, Belgium. Four of the new blocks have underground parking and modern stucco façades with quality aluminium fronts, aluminium load-bearing elements, steel fencing and retractable awnings. The new buildings are positioned around the factory’s old boiler house, which is set to be restored from its current ramshackle state. Once that has happened, residents will enjoy a superb view of a gem of industrial heritage. The new stucco buildings form a striking contrast with the dilapidated boiler house and the much larger engine room building next door.

The fifth building within TGM’s scope of delivery is a former engine room building, known as Building P. This is a lovely example how a charming industrial monument can be given a new lease of life. The cast-iron façade columns are particularly elegant. It’s no wonder that Building P is regarded as the flagship of the project plan.